aristocratic - A member of a ruling class or of the nobility.

bayonet - A blade adapted to fit the muzzle end of a rifle and used as a weapon in close combat.

brogans - A heavy, ankle-high work shoe.

card (carding) - A machine for combing and paralleling fibers of cotton, flax, or wool prior to spinning in order to remove short, undesirable fibers.

chamomile - An aromatic perennial herb (Chamaemelum nobile) in the composite family, native to Europe and the Mediterranean region, having feathery foliage and flower heads with white rays and yellow centers.

chinaberry tree - tree of northern India and China having purple blossoms and small inedible yellow fruits; naturalized in the southern United States as a shade tree

chinquapins - Any of several deciduous shrubs or small trees related and similar to the chestnut, especially Castanea pumila, native to the eastern United States.

Choctaw - A Native American people formerly inhabiting central and southern Mississippi and southwest Alabama, with present-day populations in Mississippi and southeast Oklahoma. The Choctaw were removed to Indian Territory in the 1830s.

evening constitutional - A walk or other mild exercise taken for the benefit of one's health.

fife - A small, high-pitched, transverse flute used primarily to accompany drums in a military or marching band.

Flatboat - a large, flat-bottomed boat for use in shallow waters, especially rivers.

furlough - A leave of absence or vacation, especially one granted to a member of the armed forces.

haversack - 1. A bag or case, usually of stout cloth, in which a soldier carries his rations when on a march; -- distinguished from knapsack. 2. A gunner's case or bag used carry cartridges from the ammunition chest to the piece in loading.

hoop skirt - A long full skirt belled out with a series of connected circular supports.

Huguenots - A French Protestant of the 16th and 17th centuries.

kepi hats - A French military cap with a flat circular top and a visor.

laurel - A Mediterranean evergreen tree (Laurus nobilis) having aromatic, simple leaves and small blackish berries

loom - An apparatus for making thread or yarn into cloth by weaving strands together at right angles.

maypop jelly - Jelly made from the edible yellow fruit of a vine (Passiflora incarnata) of the southeast United States having purple and white flowers, three-lobed leaves.

midwifery - The techniques and practice of a midwife (a person who assists a woman in childbirth).

provisions - A stock of necessary supplies, especially food.

rose hip - The aggregate fruit of the rose plant, consisting of several dry fruitlets enclosed by the enlarged, fleshy, usually red floral cup that is used for jelly or tea.

secession - The withdrawal of 11 Southern states from the Union in 1860-1861, precipitating the U.S. Civil War.

toddy - a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot

venison - The flesh of a game animal used as food.

whippoorwills - An insect-eating nocturnal North American bird (Caprimulgus vociferus) of the goatsucker family, having spotted brown feathers that blend with its woodland habitat.

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